[Business Daily 22] MAKE them AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE

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  • One of the biggest competitive advantages that you’ll ever have in business is to always make it easier for the client to say “yes” than it is for them to say “no”
  • When you remove the risk for anyone deciding to do business with you it can bring in powerful results
  • Think about what your clients want most (What are the results they want the most from purchasing your product or service?) Then guarantee them that outcome – or they can have their money back




Look at your business. Make a complete list of every obstacle your clients have that might prevent them from purchasing from you over to your competition and eliminate that risk.




“When you use risk reversal, you are basically telling your client that they will never again make a bad, incorrect or dangerous purchasing decision.”




Moran Pober – CEO & Founder of ABD Assets



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