[Business Daily 23] FALLING IN LOVE with the wrong things


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  • One of the biggest mistakes, probably the biggest mistake, people make in any business is they fall in love with the wrong thing. And by that I mean they fall in love with their product, service or company
  • My suggestion to you is that you should believe passionately in your product, service or company – yes. But you should fall in love with your clients
  • The more value you can give to others, the more value you can generate. The more contributions you can make to the richness of the lives of your clients, the more bonded you will be to them and they to you. And the more successful you will become




What can you do today to show your clients that you love them more than yourself and your own business?




“Falling in love with your clients means taking responsibility for their satisfaction.”





Moran Pober – CEO & Founder of ABD Assets


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