[Business Daily 24] The Language of Business

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  • Does this ever happen to you? —> Have you ever listened to two accountants talk to each other? If you’re not familiar with accounting it’s an awful experience. You might as well listen to people from a different country speaking in a language you don’t understand. You just don’t understand a word
  • At the end of the day all accountants are doing is taking transactions and financial activities and turn them into numbers and then place those numbers on the financial statements
  • Your job as the business owner is to take those numbers and turn them into the right action plan to help your business
  • You have to know in which direction the things are headed, where they should be, and what activities need to change in order to move the numbers in the right direction





What can you do today to learn more the language of business? (accounting)




 “Receivables, profits, assets, cash etc… without actually knowing what those numbers mean, if what you see is good or bad or how to change them and make your business more successful then you’re missing the point.”





Moran Pober – CEO & Founder of ABD Assets


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